Google Talk

Has anyone out there tried out the new Google Talk? I need a talk buddy to try this with, to see if the quality is better (or worse) than Skype. You'll need a Google/GMail account in order to use it. I have a google-less-ninety-eight-zero invites left to spare so if you need a GMail account, let me know.

Spammers are an evil breed

So...the net parasites, otherwise known as spammers, have managed to creep into my blog page. Damn them! Damn them all to hell!!!
What's that you said? Cursing them won't help? Oh well, it's a good thing has added CAPTCHAs to their commenting facility. +1

On a side--but somewhat related--note...Gav has recently forwarded to me a link to a CAPTCHA decoder page that claims to being able to defeat many CAPTCHA implementations. We might be able to use similar techniques to improve the screen scraping facility in AppConnector. Too bad, though...No sample code is available yet.