Google and YouTube

From YouTube.

This Everly Brothers' song is a classic--brings back old memories of high school nights, sitting by the radio, doing my homework.

It wasn't until today when, by chance, I watched the video clip of this song, that the impact of Google's YouTube acquisition finally hit me: it's so totally consistent with their operational patterns ever since Google's inception in 1998.

In 2001, Google acquired the archives of web based UseNet search service called DejaNews, and as the result, surfers can search UseNet archives dating back to 1981. By the way, my "official" birth date as a netizen is Mon, Jun 21 1993 12:08 pm.

As the world turned, in 2003, Google acquired Pyra Labs, the maker of

And then now...YouTube.

Microsoft's legacy may have been to make personal computers a common household name. Yahoo's legacy may have been to bring web based email to the consumers. But it may be the case that Google's legacy will be: to preserve memories.

May be I'm giving them all too much undued credits.