citizen journalism

Recently, I've come to realize how useful a tool like Twitter is, and then I read Jonathan Nguyen's post, claiming that citizen journalism is not journalism. I thought a journalist was simply someone who keeps a journal. :-)

All joking aside, as a user of software, I couldn't care less if the application, that I am using, has been written in VB, C#, or Python, so long as it gets the job done. The same goes for news: as a consumer of information, I just want to get up-to-the-minute information on the current issue, regardless of whether it was written in leet or in perfect English. In that respect, twitterers sometimes do a much better job at it than official news agencies.

The bottom line is: perhaps it is true that citizen journalism is not journalism, but as an end-user, I don't really care.


As usual, it finally took a necessity like #darkTO for me to jump onto the latest techno bandwagon such as twitter.