VB Interview Question

This is one of the easy-level questions that I give my interview candidates on the written test part of the interview:

Assume that a and b are Integer variables.

i. If a And b Then Call DoSomething()
ii. If (a And b) = b Then Call DoSomething()

Statements (i) and (ii) are equivalent. True or False?

I thought this was a no-brainer, but apparently not. This is often the source of many bugs in VB code.

So how many of you think the answer is True? ;-)

New Look

I recently tried the WordPress.com service. WordPress, the software, is nice, but the hosted service itself is limiting in that you can't customize the layout template--well you can, but i'll cost you 15 credits to upgrade. Blogger.com, on the other hand gives you full freedom to customize the layout as you'd like--hence the new look of this blog. I was thinking of switching to WordPress, because of the lame layouts that Blogger provides, but having discovered this, I think I'll stick with Blogger for a while longer.

Legend of the Pink Tie

UW Math Faculty's web site has an interesting article about the Pink Tie--an icon for UW mathies.

Back in those frosh days, my pink tie got tie-napped during orientation week by those damned artsies. Lousy TLO! Sign me up for the TG. I want my pink tie back, damn it!