Thinking of the tsunami victims

Well, no matter where you are in the world, unless you've been hibernating off some remote mountains or islands in the last 4 days, you must have heard about the latest tsunami disaster that hit South East Asia last Sunday, causing untold devastation.

It is at times like this that I feel so very fortunate to be living in such peaceful and (relatively) trouble-free country as Canada. I feel so undeservedly blessed in this life, as there are certainly thousands of people who are much more deserving than me. And I thank God for granting me these blessings. At times like this, for a brief moment, it makes me want to give up everything and devote my life to helping the less fortunate. Sadly, the selfish side of me is still winning the struggle against that thought.

But for now, a small contribution, I can do. The Canadian Red Cross has set up a page, South East Asia Tidal wave and Earthquake, that accepts online donation. In the spirit of the season, please help what you can. Be sure to select South East Asia Tidal wave and Earthquake as the Fund Designation if you really want your donation to go to the tsunami relief efforts.
God bless.