Oh the joy of business travel

Well, I'm stuck here at the airport again because of flight delays. If it weren't for the airport's wifi hotspot, I'd be bored to death. Apparently, America West is notorious for delays. I got hit with a three-hour delay on the way in, and this time, looks like it's going to be another red-eye. There is a high probability that it's just me, but I keep bumping into craps like these whenever I travel.

However, to be fair, I've got to say that their service reps are pretty good. What they lack in technical expertise (always some sort of problem with the airplanes--scary), they make up in customer service. On the way in, I got off my initial flight, missed my connection by 1 hour, half expecting to go through hell to try to arrange another connection flight, but there they were, standing at the exit door with my rebooked boarding pass waiting. Now, eventhough it looks like I'll be sleeping on a plane tonight, at least I'll be sleeping in first-class.

You may say that's nothing to write home about--it's to be expected. After all, the delay is their fault. That should be the least they can do. Some people expect alot. On the one hand, I've come to expect nothing from anyone. That way if I get nothing, then there's nothing to be disappointed about. On the other hand, you can argue that since you yourself uphold the best of standards, and, therefore, you should rightly expect--no, demand--the best in return. I'm not entirely sure which is a better character trait to have.


Thanh Hai Tran said...

Just sitting around at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, waiting for my connection flight to Atlanta. The wifi service here really sucks lemon...only lets web traffic through. I can't ssh-tunnel through to my office PC. Darn! Darn! Darn!!! Sucks! Sucks! Sucks!!!

Thanh Hai Tran said...

Update on my travelling adventure this week.
Got into Atlanta 5:30 in the morning.
Got to the hotel about a quarter to seven.
My fever was beginning to act up.
Dead tired, dropped on the hotel bed and caught some nice sleep until 9:30am.
Got up went to the client's office and began working until 5:30pm.

Have you ever seen those Best Western (I think that's the one) commercials where the guy gets into the hotel room, and literally falls face down on the bed, totally wasted? I kind of felt like that guy today.

And next week, more of the same. Oh joy!