Geek jokes, Java flavoured

Just read these jokes on Chet Hasse's Java.Net blog, found them quite ... cute. Thought I'd share them here. You may need to have some programming background to appreciate ...

Two items walk into a ToolBar.
The bartender says, “Can I get you a menu?”
“No thanks, we're looking for a little action.”


An item walks into a ToolBar.
The bartender says, “Where's your friend?”
“Big event last night; he's disabled.”


Two ints and a Float are in a bar.
They spot an attractive Double on her own.
The first int walks up to her.
“Hey, baby”, he says, “my VM or yours”.
She slaps him and he walks back dejected.
The second int walks over.
“Hey, cute-stuff, can I cook your Beans for breakfast”.
After a quick slapping, he too walks back.
The Float then ambles over casually.
“Were those two primitive types bothering you?”, he remarks.
“Yes. I'm so glad you're here”, she says. “They just had no Class!”

And here are my two cents:

Two items walk into a ToolBar.
Waiter says "Would you like to sit in the menu or non-menu section?"
Item: Non-menu please. Menu section will give us ClassCastException. Can't you see that we're buttons?
Waiter: Oh, I'm sorry. In that case, I can't seat you just yet. Wait here for your ActionListener please. He's busy serving other buttons right now.