AppConnector on Linux?

I've been tinkering a bit with the Gentoo Linux distro, been scouring their documentation site, and I bumped into something interesting. This might make you feel a tiny bit dirty, but apparently you can run IE6 on Linux. So what does this mean? Cross-platform Windows binaries! Wine rocks! Years ago when playing with the earlier Slackware distribution, I got some msdos programs to run in Linux under Wine. But this is way more kewl!

More importantly, it implies that we might be able to get AppConnector running on Linux, too--without a single line of code change! AppConnector uses the MSXML Parser and the MS Scripting Engine which are bundled within IE. So if IE can run on Linux, there's a good chance AC might run on it as well. Imagine the possibilities...being able to mashup KDE and GNOME apps. I've got to try it sometime.

Hmm...I wonder if there's any good MacOS port for Wine.