New Look

I recently tried the service. WordPress, the software, is nice, but the hosted service itself is limiting in that you can't customize the layout template--well you can, but i'll cost you 15 credits to upgrade., on the other hand gives you full freedom to customize the layout as you'd like--hence the new look of this blog. I was thinking of switching to WordPress, because of the lame layouts that Blogger provides, but having discovered this, I think I'll stick with Blogger for a while longer.


Gavin said...

Looks good.

I'm pretty happy with typepad's design customization capabilities. They have some nice templates. Although, it does bug me how the format my code examples that use the "pre" tag come out - it seems to truncate the lines so you can't see them properly.

Thanh Hai Tran said...

I think Blogger has done well to separate the presentation logic away from the application logic.

The fact that you can completely customize your look-and-feel--down to the level of details of how each post, each comment, the date format, is displayed--is very cool!