EBay Uses Snail-Mail to Hook New Users

Link: EBay Uses Snail-Mail to Hook New Users
I got one of these "snail mails" from eBay the other day. Good on them for doing their part to support the postal service.

I'll tell you this, with the advent of e-mails and private courier services, I was beginning to wonder when the Canadian Postal Service would close down their operation. :-) The quality of their delivery service lately leaves something to be desired. I'm speaking from personal experience. Ever since I moved into the new address a few years ago, I've noticed that they've misdelivered my mail more times than I can count. The first was their mail forwarding service. I specifically ticked the box on the form that said "Only forward if full name matches". Yet, they ended up forwarding every piece of mail intended for everyone of my family members. They had effectively forwarded based on Last Name match instead of Full Name match.

And then there's the thing where they would delivered my neighbours' mail to my mailbox: same street number, but next street down the block.

And then there was the time when I sent a payment cheque into my Internet Service Provider, located within the same city. Eight weeks later I called and the ISP still hadn't received my cheque. I guess I could have used registered mail, but at the time I had too much good faith in regular mail. My mistake I guess.

So I don't know...I want to help them improve their service, but I've made numerous complaints that really didn't get anywhere. So I just gave up.

You'd think I'm being over-dramatic, but I'm telling you, if their service doesn't straighten up their delivery service over the next few years, I wouldn't be surprised if Canada Post closes down or gets privatized. ;-)