The health benefit of blogging

Did you know that Blogger has this cool feature where you look at a blogger's profile, each of the blogger's attributes is a clickable link that takes you to all the other people in the bloggersphere that have similar characteristics? I was bored enough last night to be clicking through my own profile just to see how many others have the same messed up interests as I do. From this little experiment, I've formulated a hypothesis as to why people blog: peace of mind.

Allow me to explain. Sometimes, people need to vent some cooped-up frustrations that otherwise can't be let out. So what more appropriate means to do it than a blog?

In the olden days people used to write diaries to help sort out their emotions, because writing forces them to think more analytically about what they're thinking and feeling, and helps them better come to terms with it.

Well, now in the twenty first century, people blog. With my brief perusing, I had encountered a variety of people, from a fourteen-year-old venting her teen angst using the spelling skills that I can never comprehend but people around her age could probably relate to very well, to a lazy ass housewife who complains about being too lonely because her husband works too much, to a highly intelligent professional--with a theoretical reasoning ability that's way beyond my comprehension--trying to get his thoughts out to the world before it disappears forever from his brain. And all these people have the same interests as I do? Scary!

For the fourteen-year-old trying to get her grounding in this crazy world, it could keep her from going berzerk due to those teenage hormonal imbalances (Of course, I'm prove a point). For a lonely housewife, she might be able to get comments from other fellow bloggers to help solve her boredom crisis, God help her. For an open minded professional, he could be opening up avenues for theoretical debates with people all over the world, people whom he's never even met, intellectual challenges that otherwise would not be possible.

Me, I'm not sure which category of bloggers I belong to--perhaps a little bit of each (except for the lonely housewife bit). But it feels good to get ideas out in the open, eventhough you're not sure if anyone will ever read them, and those who do will probably think your thoughts are idiotic. But don't give a damn! It's a free world, and it's your God-given right of free will, to be totally entitled to your idiotic thoughts, so don't you let anything or anyone stop you from expressing them freely. :-) Just kidding about the "idiotic thoughts" part.

So go on, my friend. If your life is a little messed up and your emotion a little unstable, instead of going to a psychiatrist, I suggest you start a blog. It's a lot cheaper and will probably work just as well.

Your blogiatrist :)