Citrix published apps: no software to install? no problem.

Here's a challenge: You've got 2 web apps, pushed out to client PCs via Citrix as published apps, running side by side on two browser instances. How do you make them talk to each other (i.e. exchange data between the two) without having to modify the 2 apps?

That's the challenge that I was presented today as I was helping a partner build a POC for a prospect. The kicker of it was, I was told one of our biggest competitors was given this challenge and couldn't do it.

Here's the specific scenario that we were able to get implemented within about 3 hours:
  • user logs into Citrix web interface.

  • user clicks on icon of published app--in this case it was JD Edwards EnterpriseOne web--to launch it.

  • user navigates to JDE Supplier Ledger inquiry screen, brings up a supplier number and PO number.

  • AppConnector KoolBar appears on the local desktop with a button labeled Get Image.

  • User clicks on button, which triggers a search against Imaging system and brings up the scanned invoice image.

And the kicker of it is, there is no AppConnector footprint on the local desktop.