My Google Desktop Search is Locked!

I accidentally locked my Desktop Search. And as far as I can tell, the systray memu item called "Unlock Search..." is just there for decoration (I have version 5.7.801.1629), because it did nothing for me when I clicked on it. I could only surmise that the menu item was trying to launch a URL in my default browser, failed for some reason, and decided to keep quiet about it.

Eventually managed to find out the port (4664), went there and unlocked it via the web interface:

I don't know how I had been able to live without Google Desktop. I use it primarily for searching my inbox (8 years' worth of emails).


Dan Phillips said...

Awesome! Thanks, I was having the same problem! (Mine was version... um... it won't tell me... The one released early September, 2008.)

Thanh Hai Tran said...

You're welcome. Glad you found it useful. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi tks for the link to unlock google desktop.
A BIG help.
Was suffering with the problem for about a week now....
Tks once again.

mrbi11 said...

Very helpful.
Do you have any issue with it showing results in a browser?
I was able to unlock it with your suggestion, but it still wont show the full results in a browser window. Win 10

ron 1967 said...

Thanks guys now works with windows 10