Blog v3.0

This old techie blog of mine seemed to be dead silent lately that I feel compelled to resurrect it.

Let’s review a bit of history: In my mind, version 1.0 of my blog was on Bloglines (circa 2004). Version 2.0 was when I switch to blogspot and using the Kubrick theme.  It’s now time once again to resharpen the toolkit, beginning with a fresh new look, hat tip to the fine folks at Deluxe Templates for the iNove theme

TODO: I like this theme, but one thing I might change is to make a little more room for the content pane.

Also trying to install Alex Gorbatchev’s SyntaxHighligher scripts. Let’s see if this works:

* Sample code in C# to test SyntaxHighlighter.
public Argument ArgueWith(Person person) {
if (person == null) {
throw new ArgumentException("no object to argue with");
// prepare argument
Argument arg = new Argument(person);
return arg;

Update 01/30/2011 11:44pm EST: SyntaxHighlighter worked great. I had to use to host the scripts. I think I spotted a bug, though, on Safari for iOS 4.1: line number is a bit out of whack.  Let’s have a closer look at PasteBin, as Gavin suggested:


Gavin Terrill said...

Looking good Thanh-Man!

For code snippets/syntax highlighting, check this out:

th2tran said...

Hey, Gav. Thanks for the tip. PasteBin looks awesome. Will definitely try it out.

th2tran said...

Have to point out one downside about PasteBin: because they're using <script> tag approach, code snippet won't show up on RSS readers.